Chrysolis is led by Luke Cawley and Lucian Balanescu, who work in partnership with our board of trustees and in consultation with our council of reference.

Luke Cawley (Director)

Luke Cawley is a writer, speaker and trainer. He's drawn to the places where fresh things are happening and has overseen the founding of numerous new (missional) Christian communities. 

For many years a staff member with two national movements of IFES, Luke 
has an MA in Evangelism Leadership from Wheaton College in Illinois, and a CTPS in Christian Apologetics from Oxford University.

Luke is also a former newspaper columnist who now writes primarily on issues of Christian mission and apologetics. His first book, The Myth of the Non-Christian: Engaging Atheists, Nominal Christians, and the Spiritual but not Religious, was published by InterVarsity Press in 2016.

He is a member of the Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER) and an associate evangelist of Luis Palau's Next Generation Alliance. His website is here.

Lucian Balanescu (New Projects)

Lucian is an entrepreneur who, since 2004, has been the COO of 648 Group, an IT company whose clients include Netflix, Dell and Samsung. 

Lucian's studies in philosophy and ancient history, combined with his business experience, give him a wide-ranging perspective on contemporary issues, and he is known as an insightful and fresh thinker. 

Lucian is an especially popular communicator with university audiences. He, like Luke, is a member of the Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe (FEUER) and for many years was involved with the leadership of the Bucharest-based IFES movement. 

Other Communicators

We have several speakers on our emerging Romanian team, including Emanuel Ologeanu (left), a popular speaker with university audiences. You can learn more about Emanuel on our Romanian-language website (note: temporarily offline).

Krisztina Mair (right), about whom you can read more here, is also available to speak and train in both English and Hungarian.

Council of Reference

- Lindsay Brown, International Director of the Lausanne Movement for World Evangelization 
- Liz Dumain, former England Director of Youth for Christ, current Assistant Director of Mission for the Church of England's Birmingham Diocese.
Rick Richardson, Director of the MA in Evangelism and Leadership at Wheaton College 
- Ashley Cooper, Senior Pastor of Swanbank Methodist Church and leader of NXT Ministries
- Jonathan Bennett, Digital Strategist for the FIEC
- Mike York, Romania Team Leader for IFES


- Hannah Giddings, Stroke Fellow at Wirral University Teaching Hospital
Nik Hookey, Pastor of Newcastle Baptist Church
Krisztina Mair, Assistant Team Leader, UCCF Midlands.
Caitlin Ormiston MBA, former Special Projects Officer, IFES
Trevor Raaff, former accountant with Michelin and current Priest-in-Charge of St Michael’s Church, Linby and St James Church, Papplewick
- Stephen Humpreys, Head of Product Development, Huntswood CTC

(Chrysolis is UK Registered Charity 1152787)