Our Work

What We Do

We have three aspects to our work: Chrysolis Events, Chrysolis Academy, Chrysolis Coaching:

Chrysolis Events

A large part of our work involves public events which engage diverse audiences in conversation about the story of Jesus and his potential relevance for life today.

These frequently take place in universities, schools, and other venues, and focus on big questions of the day, such as violence, religious pluralism, sexuality, suffering and the relationship between science and God.

We ordinarily run these events in partnership with other organizations, and you can catch a glimpse of our work in this video of a series of events we recently helped run in partnership with the CCX (IFES) university student movement in Kiev, Ukraine:

Chrysolis Academy

Chrysolis Academy is a training program designed to develop engaging communicators who can speak at our events and similar ones run by other organisations and groups, including churches.

We launched our first cohort of Chrysolis Academy in 2015 in Bucharest, Romania, and two more are scheduled to begin in 2016.

Our cohorts are intentionally small and combine classroom-style learning experiences, personal coaching and firsthand exposure to models of best practice.

Aspects of Chrysolis Academy have also been incorporated into the Global Apologetics course taught at Wheaton College Graduate School, and you can see a snippet from the online version of that class, here:

Chrysolis Coaching

We also provide a lot of advice and coaching to individuals and organizations with similar aims to our own. These include people in academia, media, and also Christian ministry. This contact happens both in person and through Skype. If you think we can help you, please email us to initiate contact.

Chrysolis was founded in the UK and its scope is global.
We are happy to travel anywhere.

(Chrysolis is UK Registered Charity 1152787)